Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses have numerous benefits including boost in energy, deeper sleep, clearer mind, glowing skin, hair, and nails. Along with added hydration, strengthened immune system, and improved mood. Pick one up in store today!

Cold Pressed Juice Orange
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16 oz cold pressed juices 


Wellness Shot 


16 oz chiz nut milk


Added Sugar

Fruit Smoothie Fresh Berry

How to Prepare for Your Cleanse

Cut out or significantly reduce the following acid forming foods for 3-4 days before:

Alcohol, dairy, refined sugar, animal products, caffeine.
Keep coffee intake to a minimum, eliminate all sodas and processed foods.

Juicery at Oakmont Cleanses

Renew I $55 
One day cleanse designed for the beginner cleanser or someone who is looking to reset their system 

Defense I $110 
Two day cleanse for someone who wants to go a little deeper. You will surely feel the benefits of this moderate cleanse! 

Restore I $165
Three day cleanse for someone who wants to take their cleqnse to the next level with a truly detoxifying experience. 

Organic Clean Juice
Fruit Smoothie Fresh Berry

After Your Cleanse

Don’t rush back into your habitual life and foods. Respect your body and the hard cleansing work it has done for you. Foods you should avoid include: alcohol, dairy, red meat, fried and/or processed foods.

During Your Cleanse

One Some detox symptoms include: a decrease in energy, potential mood swings, and aches, among other things. Cut out or limit caffeine, drink only the juice. If needing to snack, eat raw vegetables or raw nuts and in moderation. Most importantly: DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Organic Clean Juice

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